Monday, May 2, 2011

Losing Touch

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It felt like an abandoned area, not a single soul.

I like how it first started.

I like hanging out with you.
I like having desserts with you.
I like train rides to Pasir ris with you.
I like hugging you everytime before we part.

Do you like what I like?

I made a new msn just for you when my old one broke down,
'cause I wanna talk to you more...
No, the truth is, I wish you'd initiate a chat with me.

I wore my fave daisy top for the first time and wished you were here to see them,
'cause I wanted you to see how nice I looked...
No, the truth is, I want to share my happiness with you.

I request for meetups,
'cause I want to see you...
No, the truth is, I do not hope you'd forget me.

What actually does all this imply? I wish I had an answer.
Uncertainties can really be toiling for the mind, and the heart.

Didn't you say, "See you soon"?

Tell me if you are losing interest in me.

The sky, my only comfort


  1. haunted~
    bt loved de way u compose te shots.. nice

  2. all photos thru ur mobile phone?

  3. not anymore! using lx5 currently =)