Friday, August 27, 2010

Preserve it!

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went to safra for lunch today, with Javen and Niki. :)
on the way back, i noticed the dragon playground was gone.
oh my goodness, i thought. its... gone. G-O-N-E, for good.
the dragon playground was featured in Royston Tan's film, Old Places.
not the one in Tampines, sad to say. /:

it's... sad.

all of them are disappearing at sucha fast pace.
you may see it today, but you might not get to see it tomorrow.
it really upsets me, alot. because i just dont get it.
all these old places carry a meaning, and bits of memory in everyone.
tearing them down is like taking away a part of you.

"Every time we go to the places we feel very sad,
like you see old playgrounds where nobody plays
-Roystan Tan

there's no turning back, so i beg you to stop...


  1. yeah it is sad when you walked by a place in your memories to reminisce and realize it's gone...

    it's great that I can finally read your post :) btw, that is a very nice picture

  2. haha... it's never gone if you keep it in your heart... then share it with ppl (your husband) then pass it down to generations and it will never be gone XD

  3. well singapore small ma, eventually everything have to make way for development... at least pictures can still preserve our memory

  4. thanks, nana. :)

    nooo kyo, there's a difference one lor, you will feel sad.

    lukey, hais, dk what the gahmen doing...

  5. why the playground gone....another big project coming ?

  6. i heard it's building of lift. hais.